Partner of SNZ Delivers Insights at Chainlink's SmartCon 2022
September 30, 2022

New York City, NY – Featuring 150+ speakers and 100+ presentations, SmartCon 2022 is the connection point for Web2 and Web3 industry leaders, founders, developers, researchers, and community members to showcase and explore the latest advancements accelerating Web3 innovation. SmartCon 2022 is a week-long Web3 experience in the heart of NYC, with the flagship conference taking place from September 28-29.



Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov kicked off the flagship SmartCon 2022 conference with a keynote, “Building a Web3 World Powered by Cryptographic Truth,” which expanded on the drivers behind the success of the Chainlink Network and key advancements in Chainlink economics and services that are poised to accelerate future growth.



Other notable speakers at this year's event included former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, former CTO of Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan and more. The SmartCon 2022 conference spanned an entire week and featured a wide range of satellite events, workshops, and social gatherings designed to connect the blockchain community.


As one of Chainlink's key partners, SNZ was invited to attend the event and share insights on stage. During the conference, Keith Chen, Partner of SNZ, delivered a keynote speech titled “Connect to Empower” that provided insights into SNZ’s journey with Chainlink from its early days. As a community-oriented fund, SNZ garnered attention at the conference and received recognition for its role as a bridge between various developers, projects, and communities.



Visit the official SmartCon 2022 YouTube playlist to access the Day 1 livestream, a limited collection of Day 2 presentations, and the complete list of all presentations as they are uploaded.


SmartCon 2022 YouTube playlist:


About Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects smart contracts on a blockchain to off-chain data sources, events, and payment systems. It uses a network of nodes that provide tamper-proof inputs and outputs to smart contracts, with data verified by multiple nodes to ensure its integrity. Chainlink has become popular for solving the oracle problem and enabling the automation of various industries.


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