SNZ Jointly Held Supernova, the First Global Internet Computer Hackathon, and Judged the Demo Day Showcase
May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022, The Internet Computer (“IC”) blockchain’s inaugural Supernova Hackathon welcomed nearly 4,000 developers and entrepreneurs who participated from around the world, building dapps, services, and tools using the most advanced Web3 platform in existence today. The event saw teams compete for an aggregate prize and funding pool of $6 million — $765,000 in cash prizes, $765,000 in grants, and up to $4,470,000 in seed funding opportunities.



As an early investor of the Internet Computer and longtime supporter of the community and ecosystem, SNZ is proud to jointly held the first global Internet Computer Hackathon and be one of the judges of the Demo Day Showcase. Other sponsors and judges of the event include Polychain Capital, a16z, Irongrey, Messari, Electric Capital, Huobi, Foresight Ventures, Tomahawk.VC, and Animal Ventures, and more.


From the top winners the judges selected two Grand Champions: Cubetopia, a Minecraft-inspired play-to-earn role-playing game with the potential to migrate millions of users to Web3; and Spinner Cash, project that uses zero-knowledge proofs and a private ledger to help users make private Bitcoin or ICP transactions. Both projects stood out amid a crowded field of Supernova projects that elevated the Web3 movement using the Internet Computer.


Details of the Hackathon can be found here: Demo Day Grand Champion Showcase:


In addition to Supernova, working together with the DFINITY Foundation, SNZ founded IC Asia Fund (“IAF”) that focuses on building the IC ecosystem in Asia, which has incubated outstanding projects, such as AstroX. In Dec 2021, IAF and the DFINITY Foundation also organized Warpspeed Hackathon in Asia, which was the first ever hackathon in the community.


About IC


The Internet Computer is a general-purpose blockchain that hosts canister smart contracts. It is designed to provide a World Computer that can replace traditional IT and host a new generation of Web3 services and applications that run solely from the blockchain, without the need for traditional IT. It can also play the role of Web3 orchestrator, by interacting with traditional blockchains. It has a completely unique design that reflects a ground-up rethink of blockchain architecture and the application of modern cryptography, which can be traced back to 2015. It was built by the largest ongoing R&D effort in crypto, which has employed many notable cryptographers, computer science researchers and engineers. The blockchain underwent genesis in May 2021 and became part of the public internet.



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