Investment Internship Program

About SNZ

SNZ is a crypto-native incubator and venture capital firm. As one of the early backers of Ethereum, SNZ and the team have been active since 2014 for community building, incubation, and investment. The mission is to empower innovative projects and promote mass adoption of blockchain and evolution of Web 3.0. We are a team of industry veterans, technologists, and investment experts with a nurturing culture. Our portfolios range from infrastructure, middleware and applications and grow steadily across cycles.


Description of Role

We are seeking to hire investment interns. You are expected to be passionate about blockchain and Web 3.0 with entrepreneurship, persistence, and belief to navigate through cycles. You will play an integral part to build our pipeline, drive execution, and establish a strong network within the industry, to contribute the growth of our business and accelerate your career.


Functional Responsibilities

• Proactively source new investment opportunities
• Conduct due diligence, research, and analysis
• Prepare internal reports and drive deal execution
• Provide support to portfolio companies post-investment
• Contribute to communities; maintain and extend network of the firm



• Investment Interns can work remotely
• Strong ethical code and a long-term belief in the industry
• Enthusiastic about blockchain and Web 3.0
• Strong analytical skills with an aptitude to dive deep, and has a profound passion and eagerness for investing
• Some research and analysis expertise in one or more areas relevant to blockchain and Web 3.0 and the ability to do interdisciplinarity studies
• Exceptional communication, learning and adaptability skills



• Chinese & English fluency and international background
• Background in computer science, programming and related
• Experience in VC, tech startups, finance / consulting, or entrepreneurship
• High conviction around own investment thesis and ideas but open-minded
• Experience in the industry and familiarity with relevant tools and communities
• Network across industries and the ability to build, maintain and extend network


Application Process

• Please send your resume to with the subject line formatted as: "Name + University + Position Applied For Investment Intern + (Please specify total internship duration, weekly availability, and preferred internship location)". For example: "Jane Smith + Columbia University + Investment Intern + 3-month duration + Available 5 days a week + On-site or remote"
• If available, please include a one-pager project research for any Web 3.0 project in your email


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