SNZ Capital

Our Vision

Our vision about blockchain technology is not only a restoration of the original spirits of the internet - equality, open, cooperation, sharing, decentralization, autonomy, etc., but also an opportunity to end the current monopoly on information, data and the situation of unprotected privacy, then return the freedom back to the public and protect people’s privacy. It started as a technologic revolution but this trend will definitely reshape the current financial system and people’s life irresistibly and irreversibly. We are proud of working with people holding the same believes and projects targeting this as the ultimate goal.

Our Business

1. Investment:
We value early stage projects & concepts with our own perspectives, and help them to grow with our resources. We are against the “pump-dump” games in the market. Instead we are looking for team & projects with long term vision. We would love to exchange resources and maintain sustainable relationships.

2. Consulting:
In the past few years, we were lucky to learn and grow with several projects. We hope that we can share these experiences with project teams to avoid pitfalls in their way to success. We provide services and packages for traditional businesses to transform to the block chain world. We also help current projects to further develop their partnerships domestically and internationally. Our BD team and technology team are always ready to serve you.

3. Communities:
We are not only educating people and preaching blockchain technology but also bringing the community together. In our Shanghai and Beijing co-working space, we helped the world top blockchain project teams to host meet-ups, workshops and events to share their technology, philosophy and vision. We built partnerships in Japan, South Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Through these communications, we hope that the fans and engineers in China can keep up with the state-of-the-art technologies. And international projects can develop their local communities easily with our help on understanding of the government policies and regulations.